Transaction Fee operations How-to

Learn how to avoid paying transaction fee on our platform

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2 min readJun 1, 2022


A transfer fee will be charged only upon sale of the token. You should be able to bypass this fee by using our liquidity toolbox.

This transaction Fee will be distributed through the Distributed Autonomous Treasury to the loyal community in the ownership pool.

The idea behind this fee is to help maintain the token price for the longest time possible. This way, the community gets benefits from this situation.

After the Luna/Terra Crush, we need to protect our loyal community.

The community has voted this fee in 3.33%.

How to avoid Transfer Fee

All operations on our platform are transfer fee free.

Operations on our platform only pay network fee.

To avoid transaction fee on adding and removing liquidity, please use our liquidity toolbox

This way, you can add and remove liquidity without paying any fee.

Also, staking and unstaking in our platform is transfer fee free. Basically every operation in our platform has no fee.

DAO all the way!

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