Our Strategy in Mind

Every investor has his or her own strategy, that’s for sure.
Here we present a proposal of how it could be managed to obtain the highest profit as we think of it.

Of course there are many variables that do not depend on us. But we believe this can be a good path to profits using our NFTs.


1. Buy NFTs

Once the sale is on, go ahead and buy as much as possible NFTs

2. Merge NFTs

Take those NFTs and merge them into a more powerful one. To get better earnings

3. Buy Banksy Tokens

Go ahead and get Banksy tokens so you can harvest with them.

4. Farm those Tokens

Take Banksy tokens and deposit in pools/farms.

5. Harvest earnings

Once you get enough earnings, go ahead and harvest them.

6. Deposit earnings in wall using Boosted NFTs

Now you can deposit those earnings on a wall (dividend pool), and boost your rewards using merged NFTs.

Happy Earnings!!!

How to get in contact

Website: https://banksy.farm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BanksyFarm


Github: https://github.com/BanksyFarm



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Banksy Farm

Banksy Farm

The New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming enhanced by NFTs