NFTs Re-Merge is here!

Now you can merge more than once.

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2 min readMay 31, 2022

After a lot of internal work, The Banksy DAO Finance team is proud to present this new feature: NFTs Re — Merge .

What is NFT’s Re-Merge?

Until now, you could only merge your NFTs only once. Now you are able to merge them multiple times.

This means for the community that you’ll be able to have more powerful NFTs.

Re-Merged NFT’s benefits

There are several benefits for the Re-Merged NFT.

  • Increase Earnings. Now your NFT can get merged several times increasing your Staking Power each time.
  • Boost yield farming and walls. When you select your NFT in any pool or wall, your staking amount is enlarged. You get a bigger reward in that pool. By using a re-merged NFT, you are in the best case scenario.
  • Earn experience. Every time you use in one of our pools-farms-walls, your NFT will gain more “experience” skill. This allows to have a more powerful NFT. Better earnings, better voting power. Once again… best case scenario with a Re-Merged NFTs.
  • Reduce harvest lockup. Selecting a NFT in a pool, will decrease the time you have to wait to harvest your earnings. You’ll take profit faster.
  • Vote on governance. With our NFTs, your vote will have more weight in our results pools. Your vote will be even more important with a Re-Merged NFT.

Your Re- Merged NFT should have a ~25% improvement than your Merged NFT

To learn more about merging and remerging your NFTs, please check the docs here:

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