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The first dual purpose token: farm & ownership

Banksy Farm
2 min readMar 15, 2022


As part of our implementation of the kurama protocol we decided to use a great feature: dual purpose token.

It consists in the creation of a token that will fulfill two main functions:

  1. Farming/Reward Token.
  2. Ownership token.

You’ll be able to enhance your farming with our Smart NFT

Farming — Reward Token

As a farm project, the platform will reward with this token both pools and farms.

You’ll be able to stake on every pool, or add liquidity in every farm and you’ll get earnings in the Banksy DAO token.

But here is the new thing: If you hold/stake… it will give you USDC reward! Continue reading to find out how.

As Farmer earn stable and native token rewards

Ownership token

One of the great features of the Kurama Protocol is to create an ownership token. This token will allow you to earn USDC from the pool that gets profits from the Distributed Autonomous Treasury.

Everytime the platform collects a fee, for both deposit or any other service, some of it goes to the “Owner’s Pool” and get redistributed amongst tokens stakers.

You can use your NFT’s to enhance your earnings. In the Owner’s Pool, you’ll be able to boost your rewards by staking NFT artwork.

The distribution is gradual until the end of the layer.

Owner’s Pool Preview

Every time the platform gets a deposit fee, 25% of it goes to the treasury and gets redistributed to ownership token stakers.

For extra info on how DAT works, please check here:

Also, remember that you’ll be able to vote on Project Governance!

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