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One step further on Farming 1.0

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2 min readDec 26, 2021

Constantly evolving, the Banksy Farm team proposes innovations to our community to help them maximize their profits.

After much analysis, we found that a major problem in farming is the situation that layered farming is either too short or too long (infinite emission).
So, in the short layers, investors scramble to enter in the first few minutes that the farming starts because they know that it will be very difficult to even recover the fees, let alone make a profit.

In the reverse scenario, where the issuance is infinite, trying to make a profit can be a time consuming task. And in most cases, that goal is not achieved.

Our solution: Mid-Term Farming

What is Mid-Term Farming?

Mid-Term Farming is a type of farming whose main feature is that the duration in which farms and pools issue native currency, has a duration of months, but with max-supply.

This means that it doesn’t mint forever.

In the case of Banksy, we decided to make the project multi-network, so we will soon bring out the same farm on the next network.
It is being decided as DAO in Snapshot by the NFT holders.

Check the variable emission rate here:

What can be done with this new type of farming?

This is not financial advise

The most direct answer is: you will be able to farm your deposits for a longer time, without any lockup.
Taking into account that Walls (dividends pool) are constantly being taken out, it is a very good option to hold the Banksy token.

Always trying to improve and bring value to the community!

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