Bansky-Sandman Collaboration

Team Banksy humbly informs that it was chosen by Team Sandman to perform its first implementation of the Kurama protocol.

We are currently working intensively together with the Sandman Finance team, to reach a successful implementation of the Kurama Framework in the next version of Banksy Farm.

The Banksy Farm implementation will be a selected group of features of the Kurama Protocol

Among the main features that we will support in this implementation are:

  • Extended Sandman MasterChef. Support for ownership token, and Distributed Autonomous Treasurey (DAT).
  • Support for SMART NFT farming.
  • Antibot System. For extra info, check here.
  • Distributed Autonomous Treasury. A way to redistribute earns in our community. For extra info, check here.

DeFi is all about community. So working side by side with a fellow project is a great way to bring both communities together!

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The New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming enhanced by NFTs

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Banksy Farm

Banksy Farm

The New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming enhanced by NFTs

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