Banksy moving to Timestamp

Whether you are an experienced investor or a new investor, many times you heard the word blocks in Blockchain.

Not only because of the name of the technology, but because many projects use blocks as a measure of time.

Theoretically, it shouldn’t be a problem, since a block across the entire network should run with constant timing. But the reality is not like that.

The network gets congested, there are latency problems, and many other technical issues that make the time of a block not always the same.

There are some networks that do a fantastic job of making blocks as stable as possible. However, it is not always possible to achieve the desired stability.

Blocks vs Timestamps

Another way to execute events in blockchain is to set the timestamp of the block that is about to be executed.

It depends on each network that recommends one strategy or another.

Our solution

From Banksy Farm we decided to migrate all our contracts to be executed by timestamp.
That is to say that we will execute the starts of each event depending on an execution time, not a block number.

This gives an error margin of a few seconds.
But we believe that this simplicity will help our community.

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