Banksy Farm Launch Week Timeline

This week we launch our farm in Avalanche Network, so we are very exited about this.

So we want to share with you the timeline of what will happen during the week so you can take advantage of this presale.

Remember that by buying in the presale, you get an instant 50% discount on the listing price.

Launch Week Timeline

  1. Presale Starts: Tuesday 2021–12–14 15:00 UTC
    You’ll be able to buy PreBanksy Token with 50% discount from listing price.
  2. NFT Early Stage 1: Tuesday 2021–12–14 17:00 UTC
    We’ll start selling the first tier of NFT. Only 100 in this batch.
  3. Wall (Dividends Pool): Tuesday 2021–12–13 19:00 UTC
    We’ll reward our supporters with a dividend pool.
    Huge reward if Sold-out.
  4. NFT Airdrop if Sold-out
    We’ll give as reward one NFT to each top 50 presale token holders. Our supporting community.
  5. Token Launch: Saturday 2021–12-18 15:00 UTC
    We’ll add initial liquidity according to tokenomics.
  6. Token Swap: Saturday 2021–12–18 16:00 UTC
    Our presale buyers will be able to swap 1:1 PreBanksy Token into Banksy Token.
  7. Wall (Dividends Pool): Saturday 2021–12–28 18:00 UTC
    Another reward for our supporters.
  8. Farming Starts: Tuesday 2021–12–21 15:00 UTC
    The date is here! Start Farming and earn rewards!

For extra info, please check here:

How to get in contact








The New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming enhanced by NFTs

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Banksy Farm

Banksy Farm

The New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming enhanced by NFTs

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