Banksy DAO Rewards Distribution Model

How our platform version 2 gathers and distribute earnings

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3 min readMay 27, 2022


In this article we are going to explain how Banksy DAO Finance V2 on Fantom Network is gathering fees and distributing earnings to our loyal community members.

This feature set is powered by Kurama Protocol

This time, we implemented some exciting new things in FTM. Here we are going to explain them.

How the Earnings Distribution works

As in previous release, all gathering and distribution is perform by the Distributed Autonomous Treasury powered by Kurama Protocol.

In this release, we implemented more functions over our previous release where we aim to provide greater benefits through the following features:

Harvest Fee on Walls

Another way we have found to protect our loyal community members is to add a fee to the walls’ harvest.

This way, token holders will be incentivized to keep the tokens longer after their minimun lockup time for harvesting has expired.

This will help to keep the value of the token more stable throughout the duration of the wall. And the reward will be more equitable for all wall participants.

Transfer Fee

After the Luna/Terra Crush, we need to protect our loyal community.

A transfer fee will be charged only upon sale of the token. You should be able to bypass this fee by using our liquidity toolbox.

The community has voted this fee in 3.33%.

At first, the fee will be 6.66% to help maintain token price until farming starts. Then we’ll move to the community voted amount.

Autoliquidity Feature

The third way that we implement in this issue is to use the classic Autoliquidity strategy proposed by Kurama Protocol. With this functionality, the protocol itself will take care of providing liquidity to the system by systematically acquiring a number of tokens periodically.

The objective is that the liquidity pool is fed back by the operations performed by the investors.
And in this way, sustain the price of the token for as long as possible.

A working example

Let Say a loyal community member deposits 1 DAI in a pool, and starts earning Bansky Token.

What happens then?

  1. From that initial 1 DAI:
    0.96 DAI get deposited in the pool (75% of the total).
    0.04 DAI goes to the Treasury (25% of the total). This is the Fee.
  2. From that Fee 0.04 DAI:
    0.03 DAI goes to the Project Growth Pool. (75% of the Fee)
    0.01 DAI goes to the Treasury Distribution Contract. (25% of the Fee). This is the distribution amount.
  3. From the distribution amount:
    0.0075 DAI goes to the Ownership pool (75% of the distribution amount)
    0.0025 DAI goes to Autoliquidity Contract(25% of the distribution amount)

This way we show exactly how owners get part of the platform rewards

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