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New features that benefit loyal community members

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2 min readApr 29, 2022


After a lot of work internally, to bring new advantages to the community, we achieved a combo of new features that we know will be of great benefit.

The main objective of all the new changes is to help the value of the token benefit the community itself.

All proceeds from these new changes will be distributed to ownership token stakers.

The new features that we are going to introduce are:

Transfer fee (Only on Sale)

A transfer fee will be charged only upon sale of the token. And the percentage of the transfer fee will be determined by the community itself through a survey in our DAO.

Each peer-2-peer transaction is exempt from this fee.

Community members will be able to trade tokens, stake each other, etc. without paying this fee.

A transfer fee will be charged ONLY upon sale of the token.

The purpose of this fee is to maintain the price of the token, and those who wish to sell, must reward their fellow community members.

Those who support the project will be rewarded for their loyalty, as the proceeds of this fee will be distributed among the ownership token stakers.

The proposed values to be voted are:

  1. 6.66%
  2. 4.20%
  3. 3.33%

And the snapshot proposal is this:

Please join and vote using your Smart NFT.

Harvest Fee on Walls

Another way we have found to protect our loyal community members is to add a fee to the walls’ harvest.

This way, token holders will be incentivized to keep the tokens longer after their minimun lockup time for harvesting has expired.

This will help to keep the value of the token more stable throughout the duration of the wall. And the reward will be more equitable for all wall participants.

Autoliquidity Feature

The third way that we implement in this issue is to use the classic Autoliquidity strategy proposed by Kurama Protocol.

With this functionality, the protocol itself will take care of providing liquidity to the system by systematically acquiring a number of tokens periodically.

The objective is that the liquidity pool is fed back by the operations performed by the investors.

And in this way, sustain the price of the token for as long as possible.

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