3D Smart NFTs

3D NFTs are the backbone of our platform. That’s why we want to show everything that can be done with them.

In Version 1, we released 2D Smart NFTs. So in Version 2 we decide to take NFTs to another level: 3D.

Check the 3D NFT in sketchfab viewer:

Smart 3D NFTs Benefits

  • Increase Earnings. Select your NFT in the pool and get more rewards!
  • Boost yield farming and walls. When you select your NFT in any pool or wall, your staking amount is enlarged. You get a bigger reward in that pool.
  • Earn experience. Every time you use in one of our pools-farms-walls, your NFT will gain more “experience” skill. This allows to have a more powerful NFT. Better earnings, better voting power.
  • Reduce harvest lockup. Selecting a NFT in a pool, will decrease the time you have to wait to harvest your earnings. You’ll take profit faster.
  • Vote on governance. With our NFTs, your vote will have more weight in our results pools. Your vote will be even more important.

How to get in contact

Website: https://banksy.farm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BanksyFarm


Github: https://github.com/BanksyFarm




The New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming enhanced by NFTs

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Banksy Farm

Banksy Farm

The New Generation Multi-Network Yield Farming enhanced by NFTs

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